Introducing the ultimate meme currency – $DADDY! Move over dogs & frogs, it’s time for dad humour to rule the crypto world. Get ready to embrace the puns and laughs. Join us now and let’s dad joke our way to the moon!


Built On $AVAX

The smart contract for $DADDY is deployed on Avalanche C-Chain And will be traded through a liquidity pool on the TraderJoe DEX.

Hosted on $AKT

In the interest of DeFi we decided to host and build the DaddyCoin website on the Akash Network supporting decentralisation.

Community On $BCD

What better way to support the community then building on one of the latest DeFi social platforms, BlockChatDAO ($BCD), built on the now decentralised $METIS network.

Deflationary by Nature

All successful transactions of $DADDY include a 1% burn of tokens, this will reduce supply and rarity of $DADDY over time. This encourages everyone to HODL their coins.


AI Generated Memes

All the meme images utilized in our chats and social media platforms are exclusively 100% generated by AI technology, facilitating rapid ideation and creativity within our community.

Join the $DADDY community today!

Ready to join the $DADDY crew? It’s all about wild fun and zero expectations. No roadmap, no promises – just pure chaos and laughter. If you’re up for it, hop on board and let’s enjoy the ride together. Join the $DADDY community now!


$DADDY is a meme-based digital asset intended solely for entertainment and amusement within the cryptocurrency space. It carries no intrinsic value, is not designed for financial investment, and should not be expected to provide financial returns. The project lacks a formal organizational structure, development team, or roadmap, emphasizing its nature as a platform for comedic expression rather than a traditional cryptocurrency investment.

Users are cautioned to engage with $DADDY with an understanding of its speculative and volatile nature, approaching it as a medium for participation in meme culture rather than a financial asset. By interacting with $DADDY, individuals acknowledge the risks involved, including potential loss, and agree to bear full responsibility for their actions without expectations of profit or value appreciation from their participation

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